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Welcome to Lifters Wear's extensive category for women's fitness t-shirts and tops! Here you will find everything you need for your fitness training, from stylish Crop Tops up to functional Grip Shirts and comfortable Oversize T-Shirts. We'll guide you through our exclusive selection to make sure you find exactly what you're looking for.

Why choosing the right women's fitness clothing is so important?

The right gym clothing can make a big difference to your training. Our women's sportswear is not only fashionable, but also functional and supports you with every movement. Breathable materials ensure that you feel comfortable even during intense workouts. Nothing should restrict your movements, which is why our materials are stretchy and our cuts are chosen so that you can feel completely free.

What makes our crop tops fitness ladies so special?

Our Crop Tops are perfect for women who want airy fitness clothing for their workout and at the same time want to enjoy maximum freedom of movement. They are ideal for hot summer days or intense workouts and combine style with comfort.

When should you choose our grip shirts for women?

Our grip shirts are the best choice for intensive training and anyone who wants to make progress in their training. They offer a firm grip of the barbell on the back thanks to the grip surface and are extremely comfortable so that you can concentrate fully on your performance. The additional support of the barbell during your squats helps you to maintain the perfect movement sequence with every repetition and gives you the best possible power transfer, as the barbell does not slip an inch. You will surpass yourself and become stronger in your basic exercises.

Are oversize gym shirts for women also suitable for the gym??

Absolutely! Our Oversize T-Shirts offer a relaxed fit and are therefore perfect for a relaxed workout or as part of a casual streetwear look.