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The right shoes for strength training

Why are the right shoes important for strength training?

Choosing the right strength training shoes is crucial for your performance and safety. Strength training shoes provide stability, support and comfort to prevent injury and maximize results. They should provide good traction, a firm sole and sufficient support for your arches.

Barefoot training shoes: the natural choice

An up-and-coming alternative to traditional strength training shoes are barefoot training shoes. These shoes promote a natural foot position and strengthen the foot muscles. They offer numerous benefits, including better ground feel, increased stability and healthy foot development.

Lifters Bare One: The perfect barefoot training shoe

We have developed the Lifters Bare One to give you the benefits of a barefoot training shoe for strength training. Here are the outstanding features and benefits of our barefoot training shoe:

1. complete flexibility:
- The Lifters Bare One is completely flexible, allowing your foot to move freely and naturally. This promotes natural movement and strengthens the foot muscles.

2. wide toe box:
- With a wide toe box, the Bare One offers your toes enough space to spread and move. This improves balance and stability during training.

3. zero distance to the ground:
- The Bare One has no additional sole separating the foot from the ground. This allows a direct feel of the ground and promotes a stable base, which is important for lifting heavy weights.

Benefits of the Bare One for foot health

- Natural strengthening of the feet: Training with barefoot shoes strengthens the feet in a natural way. The muscles, tendons and ligaments in the foot are activated and trained, which improves foot health.
- Improved balance and stability: The direct connection to the ground improves your balance and stability, which leads to better technique and performance in strength training.
- Promotion of healthy foot development: Barefoot shoes enable natural foot development and prevent misalignments that can be caused by traditional shoes.


Choosing the right shoe for strength training can make a big difference to your performance and foot health. Our Lifters Bare One barefoot training shoe offers you the benefits of flexibility, stability and natural foot support. Invest in your health and performance with the right shoes - choose the Lifters Bare One and experience the difference.