Our Lifters Clean Grip under test

Unser Lifters Clean Grip im Test

With Clean Grip Lifters presents an exciting alternative to the well-known “Chalk” – with clear advantages.

Every athlete knows the problem in summer. It's hot, the sweat just drips and at some point during the set you just lose the grip on the dumbbell, pull-up bar or kettlebell. The only thing that helps is to rub your palms dry and keep going, but just like that you lose your momentum, your concentration and you know - it was just the beginning. Classic chalk, known from CrossFit and climbing, can help. The problem, however, is that it varies greatly in quality depending on the manufacturer, smells extremely artificial and is often also not welcome. Even though it can theoretically be easily removed from floor mats or clothing, it tends to collect dust in the studio or home gym.

Clean Grip by Lifters Wear brings an exciting alternative. As the name suggests, this is a chalk alternative, but without the "evil" color. It is enough to rub a small amount between the palms before the workout and let it absorb briefly. Clean Grip smells pleasantly fresh and natural. For us, no visible film remained on the skin.

Lifters Clean Grip Rückseite der Flasche

On the barbell bar, the effect was convincing. One has a strong grip without the bar sticking too much. So you can put it down deliberately without any problems and then pick it up again for the new set. Also, the grip held up consistently for over an hour during the workout, whether you were working on the machine or dedicating yourself to the free weights again. In the shower, the grip was then gone in no time with a classic shower gel.

For us, Clean Grip is definitely an alternative because a) it works great and b) the composition makes it usable in any gym/home gym/studio. It does not get any better than this.

The only point of criticism in our opinion is the packaging, as the single can was packed in about 4 layers of cardboard / paper again and again. Since you can certainly still save garbage in shipping.

Get your clean grip online.

An articel by Michael from willya.de. Go this way to the original article.

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