Summer Workouts: Best Fitness Clothing to Beat the Heat

Sommertrainings: Beste Fitnesskleidung für heißes Wetter – So besiegt Ihr die Hitze



Hello, dear lifters! We know how dedicated you are and that even the summer heat won't keep you from your workout program. Your commitment inspires us! But, the hot summer months can be brutal. That's why our team at Lifters Wear has worked hard to create the best fitness clothing for hot weather, which not only survives your workouts, but also supports you in achieving your best performances.


Why the right summer workout gear is important


The science behind sweating

When you're completing your WOD (Workout of the Day) in the CrossFit box, your body generates a lot of heat. To cool you down, you sweat. The sweat then evaporates, and voila, you cool down. But this process needs support. Why? Because materials like cotton hold the sweat and slow down evaporation.

That's why our team at Lifters Wear has chosen materials that are state-of-the-art and breathable. They are designed to wick away sweat and support the evaporation process. You stay cooler and feel lighter, even in the midsummer heat.

That's why our gym wear is made of a first-class three-fabric blend that not only provides high wearing comfort, but also ensures excellent breathability.


The best fitness clothing for hot weather: Here comes Lifters Wear's summer collection


Our Performance Tanks

We developed Lifters Wear's Performance Tanks to optimally support our ladies. These pieces are made of performance polyester - a material that not only wicks away sweat, but also dries quickly. With a loose fit and a choice of cool colors, they are designed to keep you cool and stylish.


Lightweight Shorts

Our lightweight shorts were another summer-inspired creation. They are made of a blend of polyester and spandex, offering the perfect balance between moisture wicking and flexibility. Our lightweight shorts for men are comfortable and light, so you'll hardly notice them. We've combined all these benefits in our ladies shorts from the Pure Collection.


Testimonials from our Lifters Family

We're proud of our best fitness clothing for hot weather and are thrilled about the positive feedback from our loyal customers:

"New Favorite Piece - The top fits great and now in the summer it's just really comfortable to wear :) I found a new favorite piece here!" - Katharina E.

"World-class workmanship, great product! I bought the new shorts and I'm super happy! Workout approved and super fast delivery!" - Jonas S.




We're here to ensure that nothing stands in the way of your workouts and athletic goals, not even the summer heat. With Lifters Wear's summer collection, you're well equipped. Every piece in our collection has been designed and manufactured with your needs in mind.

Check out our summer collection and other products from Lifters Wear in our Shopify store. Let's conquer these summer workouts in style and comfort together. See you in training!

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