Barefoot shoes in training: the benefits for your fitness and health

Barfußschuhe im Training: Die Vorteile für deine Fitness und Gesundheit

If you love to run or play sports, you may have heard of barefoot shoes. These minimalist shoes are becoming increasingly popular because they offer unique benefits for working out. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at why working out in barefoot shoes is so beneficial and how you can benefit from it.


Why are barefoot shoes so popular?


The main reason why barefoot shoes are so popular is because they allow your feet to move naturally. When you wear conventional shoes, your feet and toes are forced into a certain position that doesn't necessarily match their natural shape. This can lead to problems such as deformities and injuries in the long run.

Barefoot shoes, on the other hand, allow the feet to move freely and maintain their natural shape. This can help the feet and legs become stronger overall while preventing injuries.

Advantages of training with barefoot shoes.


  1. Improved balance and stability

When you wear barefoot shoes, you need to improve your balance and stability in order to walk or exercise safely. This is because the shoes have a thinner sole and offer less cushioning than traditional shoes. By focusing on your balance, you can strengthen your muscles and make your body more stable overall.


  1. Stronger feet and legs

Wearing barefoot shoes can help make your feet and legs stronger. Since shoes offer less cushioning, your muscles and joints have to work harder to absorb the impact of running or exercising. This can help your muscles get stronger and your body adapt better overall.


  1. Better running technique

Wearing barefoot shoes forces the wearer to run with a more natural running technique. The focus is on a mid-foot strike and a higher stride frequency, which can lead to better efficiency and less risk of injury.


  1. Improved flexibility

Because barefoot shoes have less structure and cushioning than traditional athletic shoes, they allow the foot greater freedom of movement and flexibility. This can lead to an improvement in the mobility and flexibility of the feet and legs.

We have taken all these advantages into account in the development of our Bare One lift. After more than a year of product development, it is now almost ready.


 Ultra lightweight, natural, flexible: Unleash your natural power potential!

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They optimize your Balance and increase your proprioceptive awareness. This means you can take your technique and stability to a higher level during training. At the same time, they strengthen your foot muscles and promote a more natural foot movement - for better posture and even better performance. And not to forget: The better grip provides an optimal power transmission. Go, go, go!


If you don't have any experience with barefoot shoes, you should start slowly and gradually get used to training without conventional sports shoes. Discover our Lifters Bare One - Release: 24.03.2023 - 18:00.

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