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That is your progress shirt

Learn below how your Lifters Shirt can help you make your lifts safer and stronger.
Athletin bei der Kniebeuge in ihrem Lifters Shirt. Workout Shirt mit Grip.
The Lifters Grip

Everything for your best performance

The Lifters Grip Shirt fixes the barbell firmly on your back, regardless of whether it is a high bar or low bar squat. Your lifts will become safer and stronger. 

The Frontsquat

To provide an advantage for all squat variations as well as cleans, the grip extends to the front shoulder area.

Lifters Athlet Olympic Lifts

Olympic Lifts

Especially for our weightlifters the course of our grip on the front shoulder offers enormous advantages. Experience in your training how safe your catch becomes during the clean and don't let slippery shirts or bars steal your rep anymore.


Your Lifters Grip gives you that extra grip to improve your setup on the bench. You’ll be firmer and feeling more secure on the bench for more performance.