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How do I get a discount code at Lifters Wear?

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How long is a discount code at Lifters Wear valid?

It always depends on the discount code. Generally, we always indicate how long the respective discount code is valid. Event-related discount codes have a shorter validity because they relate to the respective event.

Are there also discount codes from Lifters Wear for Amazon?

No, the discount codes are exclusively for our online shop.

How do I redeem Lifters Wear discount codes?

Discover high-quality Lifters Wear sports apparel in our online shop and choose your favorites. Maximize your savings by entering our exclusive Lifters Wear discount code during checkout.

Before completing your order, check that the discount has been correctly applied and secure top-class sportswear at the best price.

What is the difference between a Lifters Wear voucher/gift card and a Lifters Wear discount code?

A Lifters Wear voucher or gift card and a discount code differ in their nature and functionality:

Voucher/Gift card: A voucher or a gift card is essentially a prepaid balance that you can use for purchases in the Lifters Wear online shop.

You receive the voucher value in advance and can use it as needed for products of your choice.

Lifters Wear gift cards are digital codes.

Discount code: A Lifters Wear discount code is an alphanumeric combination that you enter during the checkout process to apply a percentage discount or a fixed amount off your order.

The discount code is usually time-limited or associated with certain conditions, such as a minimum order value or a specific product category.

Unlike the gift card, you do not have to pay in advance for the discount.

What to do if I have not received my Lifters Wear voucher?

Please first check your spam folder. Not there either? Then contact our support via email or live chat - we will definitely help you.