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Lifters CallexBar

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Lifters CallexBar helps to effectively and safely remove excess calluses from stressed hands, thus protecting them from tearing, caring for them and preventing workout absences due to sore hands.
Most important facts
Features & Material
  • PREVENT TORN HANDS - Too thick and cracked callus promotes tearing of the skin and can hold you back in your training for a long time. The effective filing of the callus prevents the skin from tearing under stress. The CallexBar has been carefully thought out and designed to keep your hands healthy and performing at their best. The ribbing of the handle enables a safe and handy operation of the CallexBar.

  • REMOVE YOUR CALLUS QUICKLY, SAFELY AND EFFECTIVELY - The ergonomically rounded shape reaches all areas effortlessly. Due to the specially developed surface for calluses, you can remove your calluses evenly without damaging your skin. In addition to healthy and efficient hands, you no longer have to worry about rough and uncomfortable hands during handshakes or other touches. The CallexBar is 100% rustproof and can be taken into the shower. 

  • MAKE YOUR HANDS SUPPLE AND TRAIN BETTER - Healthy hands allow you to give your all in training again without worrying about whether cracks in the skin are holding you back.

  • CREATE ORDER FOR YOURSELF - The practical storage bag with clip can also be converted into a training bag organizer. We have thought out the size so that small parts such as tapes, Clean Grip, Grips etc. fit inside and you can easily keep track of your bag. The clip allows you to quickly detach and reattach the bag.

Shipping & Returns
Our shipping partner UPS usually delivers the goods within 3-5 business days. We deliver to Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland and almost all of Europe. We can check deliveries to other countries on request. 30 days return policy.

Care instructions: The Lifters CallexBar can be cleaned with water without any problems.

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