The Power of your Lifters Grip Shirt

Die Kraft deines Lifters Grip Shirts

What if there was a shirt that was made for your workout and actually increased your power on some of your elementary lifts?


Sounds good? Well let us explain.


Our Lifters Grip Shirt was developed for exactly this reason. We wanted to create a real added value for your training with our first product. A training shirt that can do more.


In case you can't imagine what a grip shirt is yet: Our Lifters Grip Shirt features a dynamic running grip area on the upper back, as well as the front shoulders. The Grip offers the following added value:


  • Prevents the barbell from slipping during High-/Lowbar-Squats
  • Stops slipping on the bench while performing benchpress
  • Enables optimum hold, even with front squats and cleans, but also with variations such as snatch balance


The grip surface allows to maintain the optimal position during the lifts and can even prevent injuries.



Advantages of the Lifters Grip Shirt for Squats


Your Lifters Grip prevents the barbell from slipping on your back. This can happen due to


  • flat or blunt knurling of the center bar
  • wrong positioning of your elbows because of fatigue
  • much sweat because of hot temeratures


If the barbell moves over your back during squats, your performance will decrease. If the barbell bar is too low on your back compared to the optimal placement, this shifts the center of gravity of the lifter, changing the biomechanics of the movement.


Not only will you be able to move less weight, but the risk of getting injured is increased in this case.


Your Lifters Grip Shirt prevents this problem completely. The barbell does not slip an inch, even with "worse" barbells without center knurling (knurling in the center of the barbell).


This means that by maintaining your optimal squat position and improved strength output, you will experience improved progression.

Lifters Grip Shirt Langhantel liegt auf Gripfläche


Advantages for benchpress


Your Lifters Grip Shirt prevents slipping on the bench caused by


  • "worse" slippery benches
  • much sweat


An optimal bench setup where you are firmly and securely on the bench is essential for the bench press. By using the leg drive (pressure from the legs when pushing the barbell from the chest) you may also push yourself slightly off the bench.


Your Lifters Grip Shirt solves this problem. You'll be solid on the bench and also able to use the Leg Drive for even more power output.


As with the Backsquat before, your Lifters Grip allows for better form and reduces the risk of injury.

Athlet liegt auf Lifters Grip beim Bankdrücken



Advantages for Frontsquats, Cleans and Snatch Balance


To offer advantages for all lifters with our Lifters Grip Shirt, of course the frontrack position must not be missing. For this reason, the grip surface also extends to the front shoulder.


The grip surface provides you with an optimal hold of the barbell during your front squats or also when catching the clean.


Also with Snatch Balance you can use the advantages of your Lifters Grip Shirt. The barbell is ideally caught on your back and stays exactly where it should be.

Gripfläche auf der vorderen Schulter bei Frontsquats




Your Lifters Grip Shirt offers you the perfect grip where you need it. For every squat variation, bench press, cleans or even variations like Snatch Balance, your Lifters Grip allows you to maintain the "perfect" form through the optimal hold and thus achieve an optimal power transfer. You will achieve an improved progress and furthermore the risk of injury is reduced by the improved hold of the barbell.


Since our Lifters Grip Shirt offers benefits for all lifting focuses, it also figuratively represents our vision to unite all lifters in one brand.

Click here to discover our TIMETOLIFT- Kollektion consisting of our Grip Shirts, if you want to experience the benefits in your workout. Happy Lifting.

 Olympische Gewichtheberin mit Lifters Grip Shirt



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