The Hook Grip: The Ultimate Technique for Stronger Grip in Weightlifting

Der Hook Grip: Die ultimative Technik für stärkeren Griff beim Gewichtheben

Let's quickly clarify the question at the beginning - What is the Hook Grip?

The Hook Grip, also known as the Thumb Clamp, is the strongest form of grip in weightlifting and CrossFit, but also in the deadlift in powerlifting. With the Hook Grip, the thumb is clamped between the index and middle finger and the barbell. The hand encloses the barbell, which lies in the center of the palm below the ball of the hand. At the same time, the index and middle fingers fix the front part of the thumb. This creates a kind of "hook" around the weight, holding it more securely. The Hook Grip ensures the strongest grip on the barbell or kettlebell. In the cover picture you can ideally see how a proper hook grip on the barbell looks like.


When to use the Hook Grip?


If you are an ambitious athlete in the fields of weightlifting and crossfit, there is no way around the Hook Grip. The Hook Grip is the strongest form of grip in weightlifting and therefore an integral part of CrossFit. This technique allows the athlete to have a firmer grip on the weight, allowing them to lift more weight and be less likely to lose the weight. Even in powerlifting, as the weights increase, it gets to the point where you can't lift in an overhand grip without losing the weight. Then the question also comes up here - hook grip or cross grip.


Hook Grip Pain


However, the Hook Grip can also cause pain in the thumb, especially when it is used for the first time. It is important to start slowly and gradually get the thumb used to the load. Over time, the thumb will become more resistant to pain.


Hook Grip Tape - thumb taping, the ideal choice for your strongest grip


The Hook Grip Tape is a simple way to make the Hook Grip more comfortable and secure. It is an adhesive layer of tissue that is wrapped around the thumbs to increase grip and reduce pain. Hook Grip Tape is especially useful for athletes with sensitive hands or those who put high stress on their hands for extended periods of time during training. Thumb taping is absolutely common in weightlifting, crossfit, and powerlifting, so you'll see a lot of athletes wearing Hook Grip Tapes if you pay attention.

Want to tape your thumb and achieve your strongest grip? Our Lifters Hook Grip Tape gives you maximum flexibility, is easy to tear off, and is hypoallergenic. In addition, we are the first in the world to offer a Tape Set which has an additional fixation tape. This ultimate combination makes it possible that your tape even at the highest loads not slip an inch.

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